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Wednesday, 19-06-2019


A caryatid (καρυάτιδα, "woman from Karyai" [next to Sparta]) is a sculpture of a female figure with a supporting role in architecture. Caryatids replace in architectural columns or pillars at the portals and in panel layout, decorative gables, architraves, roofs or other roof elements. quote WIKIPEDIA

While I stayed in Luberon in southern France I discovered the local limestone Estaillade as an ideal material for large sculptures. From this stone came several of my caryatids, Bacchae and other work. In the vicinity of the quarry is the ancestral home castle of the Marquis de Sade, built from the same stone.
Most of my caryatids represent Justine, the protagonist of his eponymous novel (Justine, or the misfortune of virtue). Justine is captured, chained and partially encased in stone, an ordeal of pain and pleasure.